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Beautiful Photography

Capturing Lasting Impressions 

While Moving Lightly 

Through the Chaos


You are welcome to download images from the libraries for your personal use only. All images are copyright protected Copyright © 2018 James Virgin - All Rights Reserved. Should you download an image please consider making a contribution at the bottom of the page to help with ongoing expenses to capture and deliver these images.


My Background


Educated in the discipline of photography, at Sheridan Collage in Oakville, Ontario.  Upon leaving Sheridan, I went to New York City to work as an assistant.  Returning to Toronto, I opened my own studio and captured images ranging from fashion to furniture to food.  

Photography as Communication


Life unfolds before us in waves of experiences that get lost as new events flood over us.  The beauty of a well crafted still image gives pause so we might examine and ponder a split second of reality at our leisure.  Great images provide more questions than answers. Hopefully you can enjoy some moments of wonder herein.

The Libraries


The Libraries are collections of people doing interesting things.  You are encouraged to review events especially if you think you may be among the fragments of time within.

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